Monday, October 15, 2007

Labor Day Hike

Location: Larch Mountain
Date: September 3
Who: me, Steve, Jim, Lisa, Tanya, Molly, Seasha and Lucy

Yes it's October. Yes Labor Day was in September. But, at least I'm getting around to it.

A right nice Labor day, and who doesn't enjoy an extra Monday off every once in a while? Well, besides Steve because then he has to share his day off with the world. At least he gets to see me!

A mellow hike, at least it was the first half. Turns out that was a lot of gentle downhill that we then had to come back up. A wide path, lots of room for dogs to be dogs.

Bonus! Huckleberries. It seemed like we would have been too low for them, but nope! Picked a few to snack on here and there. After taking a path to the right, we stumbled upon an area with LOTS of huckleberries there for the taking. Ended up with may 4 cups worth total? Enough for some huckleberry muffins to share with everyone one of these days. Glad we ended up there, the huckleberry hike this year never materialized!

Bonus scenery on the hike. After wandering around, we found a trail that eventually hooks up with Angel's Rest (or maybe it was Deveil's Rest). Either way, it put us to a nice overlookign view of the Gorge. Ahhhh....
Topped it all off with some oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies at the end.
And, Gartner's brats for dinner that night. Yum.

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