Sunday, February 10, 2008

Oldman Pass

February 10, 2008
Me, Jacki, Pete, Ryan, Jo (ryan's Mom) plus Seasha, Blaze and Jake (Pete's temporary dog)
Weather's getting better, but wiht all the snow, we hear they ran out of moneyt o plow in Washington. DEcide with the nice weather yesterday, the road will be fine.

Get up there, the road is GREAT! But, there's a "road Closed" sign and a couple of barricades. It's obvious people have gone around it. So, we do what anyone would do-moved the barricades! Road is great, no one else, a couple of deer. Then-stopped! A big snow mover cleaning a chain up area tells us to turn around. Curses!
So, we head back down and head up to Trapper Creek. It doen't rain on us, so that's good. Snow is a wet-but not bad. We still have a great time and of course-a feast afterwards.

Leavenworth trip

Feb 3-5, 2008
With a gift certificate to RUn of the River in Leavenwroth, which is agreat Bed and Breakfast that doesn't allow children, realize we better get up there and use it!
Book it uin November before realizing that it;s Super Bowl weekend. Oops.

After a rocky start to our journy (leavng late, van possiblt overheathing) we take the truck and head up HWY 97. Thank goodness we were heading that way, HWY 90's closed due to avalanche contriol. Get there and settle in to watch the big game. I think we all know how it came out...
Fortunately, we get a delicious breakfast the next morning in order to head out for some skate skiing. Afer a lessone, we head out for an 8K skate ski. Steve is incredibly patient given that my feet are KILLING me! Lots of fun. Head into Leaventworth for a burger.

We have to leave the next day, after another delicious breakfast. Stop on the way home to enjoy another day in the snow. Me on snowshoes, Steve on X-country ski's.

Catching up

Yeah yeah-I'm a little behind again on posting. Quelle surprise! Maybe when I finally get a laptop and don't have to make my way to the basement, I won't be so bad.
Let's see... Christmas break-Meriwether came for a visit. Got a snowshoe in to Washington to celebrate December birthday's of Jim and Jacki. After a breakfast of fritatta and baked french toast, Jim, Jacki, Heather, Pete and Coop, plus Blaze, Seasha and Meri. Snow was too slippery to go far in the van, so we found a road and went there. (Camera was out of batteries that day)

After Christmas Tanya and Heather went on a 3 hour tour....Literally. Made it up to Oldman pass with Meriwether, Seasha and Scout.

Super deep, fluffy snow. Unbelievable. Wander around a while. up a big hill, down another, up another, down another. Hmmm...where are we? There's the road...which way. Decide we better backtrack. Make our way back to the car-finally.