Sunday, December 17, 2006

X-Country skiing at Teacup

An AMAZING Sunday in Oregon. One week before Christmas and new powder made for a picture perfect day Cross-Country skiing. Ryan tried out his new skis and Jacki went off trail and we couldn't stop smiling! Days like this make you glad to live in Oregon.

I can't put the labels on the pictures they way I want to, so here's your guide to them:
Pic 4-7 are the result of Jacki telling me, "I have a plan, and I think it involves me falling." She executed her plan perfectly and managed to not end up in the creek! I think this is what they mean by "ass end over teacup"

Pics 8-10. Jacki is oh so kindly going to just move the trees out of the way for the picture.
Turns out they don't move that easily, so instead she dangles from them, but keeps them out of the way. If you look closely in pic 10, there are arrows on the trees on either side of Ryan. One tells him go left, one tells him, go right. He's very perplexed. It is very hard to notice these arrows with Jacki dangling from the trees though.

We wrap it up with pictures in front of Hood on a gorgeous day.

We had no idea that about 30 minutes after those photos were taken they would find the snow cave of the missing climbers and the sad ending.

I jumped off something THIS BIG!

You go this way, I'll go that way

December Birthday Party!

Three birthdays within a week (or about a week) seems like a reason to celebrate. Coop, Jim and Jacki let us celebrate with them with Christmas cookies and quiches. And presents.

Tanya, Don showing us some Peace, Lisa, Jim looking for food (?), and Steve pondering Don's hippie beatnik statement.

Birthday girl with the special birthday hat opening a present

Birthday Girl Jacki, Sherpa with the special hat, and Jenny

Jacki's special present as decorated by Coop

Tanya throwing caution to the wind and showing off her dairy filled treats

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Cutting the Christmas Tree

Gifford Pinchot National Forest
1.5 hours

Time to get the Christmas Tree!
Steve and I and the dogs loaded up the van after the Patriots beat the Lions-so, it's a late start.
Stop in Stevenson for the $5.00 permit.
After driving up HWY 30 a while, we find a place to pull over opposite a side road. Snowshoe up the side road. And up. And up. And up. Snow is alternately deep and rock hard ice. Find a few trees that might work. It's getting dark. We decide to go up just a little more, and there it is. The tree! It's not too tall, it's not too wide, it's got decent foliage. So, we cut it down-see the pics. below.
Steve concocts a system to drag it down behind him, and we truck back down the mountain. Just in time-it's getting pretty dark. But, there's a full moon out-or nearly full, casting some light on our path. We leave the tree at the side of the road along with some extra branches that we can decorate with later. Go get the car to pick up the tree. Not enough straps to tie it to the car. So, it goes IN the van. The van now has that pine tree fresh scent without having to tie one of those little things to the rearview mirror.
The dogs were good sports about it. Ellie shared the backseat with the tree and Seasha was forced to the front for her sleep on the way home. We should have gotten a picture of that.
Once it's decorated, we'll get sme of those pics. up here too.

The Perfect Tree- Steve starts cutting.

The Saw is magically suspended while Seasha watches.

How about here for a cut?

Ellie isn't impressed.

T-I-M-B-E-R... Seasha will catch it.