Sunday, November 18, 2007

Almost Thanksgving

Forest Park
Springville Trail
Jim, Lisa, Tanya. Scout, Lucy, Me

Pouring rain. 1.5 hours. Wet, wet, wet. And, it rained too. It was a GREAT day!
Springville to Ride Trail.
Topped it off with nice blazing fire. Must be November. Too bad it wasn't snowing in the Mountains enough to be snowshoeing. Hopefully soon.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Veteran's Day Weekend

What a weekend! Seasha was happy and tired if nothing else!
Saturday started with an AWESOME hike in Forest Park with Jacki, Amber and Amber's friend Cheryl, plus Blaze and Seasha for entertainment. Since several people are off of running duty right now, we walked instead. It was great! Left from Springville and 53rd at about 8:45, after saying hello to Susan and the ultrarunner crew. We were all very happy that the rain had stopped earlier in the morning, and actually left us wanting sunglasses a few times. After almost 2 hours, we returned to the car, slightly muddier than we had left. And, at the same time as the ultra crew. They might have put in 14.9 miles, but, we still had the same amount of time on our feet!!!

Sunday started with a nice long walk up to Wilshire Park and back with Seasha. Timed to return at about 9:45 and watch the Veteran's day parade on Sandy. Seasha kept me warm, but, was none too happy when the crowd of 100+ motorcycles, mostly Harley's with LOUD PIPES, revved their engines in front of us. I wasn't loving it either, but, had to spend the time calming the poor dog instead. After that, it got much better. Marching bands and Girl Scout troops are much less scary! Topped off the morning with a bath (for the dog) and pictures with Santa for "Santa Paws", a benefit for the Oregon Humane Society. So now, the dog's already pretty cooked after three mornings in a row of about 2 hours of exercise, plus, having me around keeps her awake.

It's never enough though!! Monday-Veteran's Day. Time for a hike! Load up Tanya, Lisa, Steve, me, Scout, Seasha and Lucy and head to Larch Mountain-paved trail/road. (Of course, I forgot the camera) Now we've got some Oregon weather. Bundled in rain gear, head to toe, and glad the wind has mostly stopped. Hike for about 1.5 hours, then return to the car for the gimps in the group. Decide we're wet enough and cold enough to call it a day. Sip hot chocolate, cheese and crackers and cookies on the ride home! Home by 1:30! What a day. Top off the day with the first fire in the wood stove of the season. Ahhhh-winter!

So, Seasha had a pretty good weekend. The dog barely moved Sunday or Monday afternoon. And that-is how a dog's life should be.

If the return to real weather wasn't enough, this weekend also involved quiche, the richest chocolate chip cookies and way too decadent fudgy peanut butter pie. Topped off tonight with Ricotta Gnocchi. It's all about the food and the exercise for me!!