Sunday, February 10, 2008

Oldman Pass

February 10, 2008
Me, Jacki, Pete, Ryan, Jo (ryan's Mom) plus Seasha, Blaze and Jake (Pete's temporary dog)
Weather's getting better, but wiht all the snow, we hear they ran out of moneyt o plow in Washington. DEcide with the nice weather yesterday, the road will be fine.

Get up there, the road is GREAT! But, there's a "road Closed" sign and a couple of barricades. It's obvious people have gone around it. So, we do what anyone would do-moved the barricades! Road is great, no one else, a couple of deer. Then-stopped! A big snow mover cleaning a chain up area tells us to turn around. Curses!
So, we head back down and head up to Trapper Creek. It doen't rain on us, so that's good. Snow is a wet-but not bad. We still have a great time and of course-a feast afterwards.

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