Sunday, October 21, 2007

First snowshoe of the year!!!!

October (Yes, October) 21
White River
Tanya, Jim, Lisa, Me, Lucy, Scout

Tanya and Scout
Jim , Lisa and Lucy (x2)

Taking advantage of a 10 inch dump of snow in the Mts. yesterday, we headed up for a nice early season snowshoe.
Showed up at Jim and Lisa's plenty aftern our arranged meeting time of 9:00. Which wasn't a problem because Jim and Lisa weren't there! Within a few minutes of me getting there, they show up, surprised to see us. Turns out T and I both thought the other one were going to call them. Oops!
Works out okay, get them geared up and into the Subaru.
After discussion of where to go, settle on Ramona Falls, which Jim really wants. The closer we get, the more skeptical I am that there will be snow there. So, we revise and decide to head up the Mt. further. Plenty of snow by Govt. Camp, so, T suggest White River.

Get there, gear up and head out. Within a few minutes, several of us realize we are overdressed for this gorgeous day, and Lisa is regretting not having sunglasses! Scout's first day in the snow. She loves it!! She loves everything. Snowshoe in, up the hill a ways. Drop Lisa off at the top. She's blind from the sun on the snow, and forgot her hip and knee brace. We wander on a little more up the hill. Scout seems to be getting a little tired. Head back to pick up Lisa and scamper down the hill. Highlight-Jim running down the hill, exciting Lucy and Scout. Lucy tears off after him and we let Scout go too. Her little legs can really move down that hill!! Catch her at the bottom-aided by the fact that she really can't get out of the track without being buried!
Overall, the snow was pretty wet and heavy, but the day was gorgeous, warm and mostly sunny. Besides, it doesn't get much better than snowshoeing in October!! Could we be skiing by Thanksgiving? Losing Scout in the powder by Veteran's Day?
So far, the weather forecast looks too nice for that, but, I'm not complaining!!

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