Monday, October 15, 2007

Green Lakes

October 14, 2007
Green Lakes, near South Sister
Distance:? (4 hours worth)
Who: Jacki, Pete, Rayn, Ryan's Mom Jo, Me and Blaze!

So excited this worked out! After popping down to Bend on Saturday to head out to Carolyn and Jim's fall party, and staying up WAY TOO late past my bedtime, I blearily headed down to Sun River to hook up with the crew that had been staying in the FABULOUS house in La Pine that Jacki rented.

So, we pile into cars and head up the nice new road between Sun River and Mt. Bachelor. It's exciting to see snow on the Mountain-fall is here and winter is knocking at it's door!

After missing the trailhead, (Rayn loves to do that), we head out on the hike! It's chilly. It was 36 degrees when I woke up, and it's been between 31 and 40 depending where we're at. Frost on the ground in places even. Brrr... The hike is great! The first part is all through the woods with a river that has waterfalls in several places right next to the trail. Before long, we get out of the woods and then the views get even MORE amazing! Make it up to the top of the hill and see the first lake. Very pretty. Decide we think we can hike around the lakes, so, we set off on trail. Encounter several places with snow (how cool!!), and then the second lake. Keep going and begin to question whether or not there actually IS a path around them all. Jacki goes ahead to scout it out and call to us all to come check it out! It's the mythical THIRD LAKE! Jo says she's read there were three lakes in the guidebook and with all of her hiking around there had never seen it. So, we stop for a delicious bite of snacks by the THIRD LAKE! After enjoying some food and good views, we head back the way we came. It's a little chilly after stopping, and there's abreeze coming off of the second lake, but, after a while it warms right back up and is really a marvelous day!
We're surprised at the number of hikers we see on our way down. Definitely a popular hike on what could be the last nice day for a while. Could be the last day to hike here until spring if the snow flies. Who can blame anyone for being out. It's so amazing!

What's better than a gorgeous hike on a stunning fall day in central oregon with friends? Topping it all off with burgers and beer! So, we head in to Cascade Lakes Brewing for some DELICIOUS burgers. Then, I have to ride off into the sunset to call it a weekend. (stopping only at Cibelli's to pick up pizza for Steve.)

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