Sunday, November 19, 2006

Kings Mountain

King's Mountain
Tillamook State Forest
2.5 hours
2.7 mi. each way

A completely awful day for a hike. Pouring rain, dark, dreary, Oregon day. But, I needed a hike, the dogs needed a hike, and Tiffany was so excited I couldn't let her down.
But, at 9 this morning, 5 intrepid adventurers met at the Home Depot Parking lot in Beaverton for our hike. Karla and Tiffany, I put Pete in with Jessi and Devil DogBodhi (Jim's name for it, not mine) and Seasha, Ellie and I in the truck.
Out HWY 26, down HWY 6, with the rain getting harder and harder the closer we got to the coast range. Oh well. In for a penny, in for a pound. Find the trailhead and embark. Wow. The hike is a good steep climb in the pouring rain. The closer we get to the top, the windier it gets. As the trees thin and you can get a view, you can just see the wind and rain blowing sideways. Pete, Tiff and I persevere the last 1/4 mile (approx.) to summit and sign in the Mazamas summit book. The top of the hike totally felt like those weather reporters as a hurricane approaches-coats flapping in the wind, rain coming sideways, hardly able to stand up. But, what goes up must come down. It was a steep hike up, and down in the rain-not much fun. Plus, we weren't as exerting ourselves as much, so, it was starting to get cold. Tiff had to run to stay warm. And I was hating life becuase it was downhill. After a brief moment of not sure we're on the right trail, we manage to get back to the car and to our feast. It's not a hike without a spread of food afterwards. Pumpkin bread, spinach dip, wasabi nuts. (Tiff swears by them)

By the time we're home, I'm freezing. A hot shower never felt so good. Even decide to build the first fire of the fall. And then-Pizza night. YUM! A perfect end to the day. then starting a blog.
Of course I brought the camera and the batteries were out, so no pictures of the hike yet. I'll post some when I get some.

And-good bye to Steve-making the trek to San Francisco for Thanksgiving and to see Sharon's new baby! I'll join him Thursday.

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